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Prepare Your Jobsite Surfaces with the Right Equipment

Creating an optimal foundation for flooring installation is paramount at your jobsite. And when it comes to ensuring longevity, durability, and a perfectly smooth surface for a flawless floor, precise surface prep is where it all begins.

At Lincoln Contractors Supply, we have made it our priority to offer construction managers, general contractors, and others high-performance surface prep equipment. Ranging from floor grinders and shot blasters to dust extractors and floor scrapers, these essential tools create a comprehensive arsenal that not only ensures quality work, but they also guarantee optimal conditions to keep your project on schedule and within budget.

Let’s explore how these tools smooth substrates, remove imperfections, and achieve long-lasting flooring excellence to shape the foundation of success for any construction site!

Floor Grinders

Laying concrete is a science that requires precise pours and meticulous smoothing to create an even surface. But even then, discrepancies can still occur. This includes irregular joints, rough patches, and damaged planes.

With the floor grinders available at Lincoln Contractors Supply, these issues are quickly eliminated from concrete surfaces, leaving you with a flawless substrate to continue on with your flooring install unimpeded.

Removing 1/16” of material with every pass, our Husqvarna, Scanmaskin, and BW Manufacturing floor grinders feature either a single or double rotating blade that smooths and evens concrete. So whether you are looking to remove glue, paint, or restore a consistent finish, our floor grinders scrape surfaces efficiently. Choose one from our rental fleet and create an unblemished and polished substrate now!

Shot Blasters

Are you dealing with stubborn floor coatings, hardened concrete covered in contaminants, or do you need to prepare for an epoxy layer? If so, then shot blasting equipment is your solution!

Similar to sandblasting, shot blasting uses abrasion to remove contaminants on metal or concrete as well as to create a textured surface for coating adhesion. Shot blasting machinery propels small metal beads of varying sizes depending on the particular project at high velocity. This process effectively “blasts” away surface contaminants, polishes the substrate, and makes an ideal surface for additional coating applications.

At Lincoln Contractors Supply, we have a fleet of high-performance shot blasters that includes various models from Husqvarna, Blastrac, and BW Manufacturing equipment. Providing general contractors and construction managers with this wide variety of trusted brands, we guarantee you will have the right model to get the job done. Shot blasters are your versatile solution to achieve maximum results with minimal effort.

Dust Extractors

Floor grinders or shot blasters are great for surface prep, but as a result, jobsite air quickly becomes riddled with dust particles and other airborne contaminants. Overexposure to these can be hazardous to the health of your workers.

This is where we at Lincoln Contractors Supply have your well-being in mind! Keep your workers safe on your jobsite by maintaining clean air with our top-tier Husqvarna, Blastrac, Pulse-Bac, and BW Manufacturing dust extractors! As an essential companion to other surface prep equipment, these dust extractors combine power and reliability for an efficient solution to removing airborne particles.

Their powerful suction mechanisms draw air into the machine and filter it through a HEPA filtration system where it extracts harmful contaminants, leaving the contaminants to slide into a collection bin found at the bottom of the machine for proper disposal. All that is left is clean, debris-free air for a safe, highly productive job site.

Floor Scrapers

In addition to floor grinders, shot blasters, and dust extractors, floor scrapers are another formidable ally in your contaminant removal endeavors. And by contaminants, we mean a diverse variety of flooring materials that impede your progress – linoleum, vinyl, carpet, tile, glue, and more.

Equipped with multiple sized blades – large for simpler coatings and small blades for those stronger material adhesives – the Blastrac and National Flooring Equipment floor scrapers at Lincoln Contractors Supply are your indispensable assets for coating removal.

Their compact design, riding or walk-behind features, and ergonomic style facilitates easy stripping while ensuring the underlying substrate is left completely undamaged. For effortless precision and control, premium-grade floor scrapers make for seamless surface prep on any jobsite.

Master Surface Prep for a Flawless Floor

With the right surface prep tools at your disposal, you can lay the best groundwork for flooring installation. And with the tools from Lincoln Contractors Supply’s equipment rental fleet, your construction project will reach new heights of quality and efficiency.

In addition to the quality surface prep equipment we have, remember that our team offers 24/7 support for your rental. Our professional assistance is here to guarantee your work continues uninterrupted.

Be sure to contact Lincoln Contractors Supply today to reserve your surface prep equipment! While you browse our surface prep catalog, be sure to ask about our new offering – The Rogue from National Flooring Equipment! This floor scraper is all-electric, has adjustable blade angles, and is setting new standards in surface prep technology.

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