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Frequently Asked Questions About Ground Thaw Equipment at Lincoln Contractors Supply

Winter comes in strong in the early months of each year. But regardless of Mother Nature, construction projects need to be completed on time, on budget, and at peak efficiency. But when snow and ice covers the ground that you need to excavate, this can impede on your progress and at worst, halt it completely. What do you do?

The ground thaw equipment available at Lincoln Contractors Supply is your answer! If you remember last month’s blog, where we discussed the benefits of ground thaw equipment, then you know it is the perfect solution to all your winter construction headaches, thawing the soil to a workable and stable condition.

With ground thaw equipment keeping job sites moving forward at optimal progress despite the Wisconsin winter chill, it is no wonder that many construction companies rely on the ground thaw rental fleet available at Lincoln Contractors Supply to maintain this momentum. Today, we want to walk you through some frequently asked questions about exactly what ground thaw equipment is, how to know which type of equipment to choose, and the safety and environmental implications of ground thawing.

Question 1: How Does Ground Thaw Equipment Work?

There are many types of ground thaw equipment available here at Lincoln Contractors Supply. We specifically have options in both fuel-powered ground thaw equipment and electric ground thaw equipment that you can discover more about by clicking here.

Typically, the process of thawing the ground of a construction site involves laying out hoses over the ground, where a machine then passes heated fluid such as water or propylene glycol through the tubes. Insulated blankets are then placed over top of the area to prevent heat from escaping. The heat created from the passing of this fluid warms the ground well below the surface, melting ice and thawing the area.

Electric ground thaw equipment works in much the same way, but instead of using liquid, electrical heating elements raise ground temperature and thaw the soil.

Question 2: How Do I Know What Type of Ground Thaw Equipment to Rent?

The type of ground thaw equipment you choose depends on the size of the area you need to thaw on your construction site, how deep the frost is, the purpose of your construction project, and the energy supply available to you and your team.

Electric ground thaw equipment is suitable for small, precise applications where there is an electricity source available to you. However, most who work on larger construction sites find that the fuel-powered ground thaw equipment we have here at Lincoln Contractors Supply goes much farther in terms of space and thawing capabilities. These pieces of equipment cover a much larger area with the same efficiency electric options cover smaller areas, and they can be applied to areas with deep frost.

When in doubt, you can contact our expert staff here at Lincoln Contractors Supply to help you decide. We have extensive knowledge in all types of ground thaw equipment and we will guide you to the perfect solution for your winter construction project.

Question 3: What Are the Safety Considerations When Using Ground Thaw Equipment?

Worker safety is of utmost importance on construction sites, including when operating ground thaw equipment. To prevent accidents, be sure to always read the manufacturer’s instructions prior to operating our ground thaw equipment. Operators should be trained in the proper usage of this equipment prior to renting, including how to lay down hoses and monitor the equipment for any issues during use.

As ground thaw equipment uses both electrical and high heat components, it is important to remain vigilant of potential fires or burns. For those who opt for fuel-powered ground thaw equipment, workers should ensure that proper ventilation is practiced on your job site.

Question 4: What is the Environmental Impact of Using Ground Thaw Equipment?

The environmental impact of our ground thaw equipment depends on a variety of factors. This of course includes the type of thawing system used and its energy source. Systems that use fossil fuels such as diesel or gas tend to release fumes and have a higher carbon footprint.

On the other hand, electric ground thaw equipment tends to be more energy-efficient and comes with much less of a carbon footprint. This is especially true of ground thaw equipment powered by any renewable energy sources.

It is important to be aware of environmental implications when choosing ground thaw equipment for your job site. Finding a balance between continued efficiency and productivity alongside environmental awareness is a goal of ours here at Lincoln Contractors Supply.

The Construction Rental Equipment Company for ALL SIZE Job Sites – Lincoln Contractors Supply

High-efficiency ground thaw equipment is the epitome of winter job site success, and here at Lincoln Contractors Supply, we are Wisconsin’s go-to ground thaw equipment rental supplier. We have countless types of ground thaw equipment for all your team’s winter construction needs.

If you have any questions regarding ground thaw equipment or any other cold weather gear, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for more information. Our team is standing by and ready to help you stay productive through the remainder of this brutal Wisconsin winter!

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