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Learn About Our Line of High-Performance Trash Pumps and Dehumidifiers

Spring is on its way. The weather is slowly getting warmer here in Wisconsin, but just as it does every year, snow melts and water collects everywhere!

The melting winter snow may seem like a welcome occurrence, but when your jobsite is thoroughly saturated, it can impede progress and slow efficiency, running your timelines long. Standing water can pose a risk to your workers as well as the jobsite itself.

At Lincoln Contractors Supply, we understand these issues and offer top-tier solutions with our lines of pumps and dehumidifiers. These essential tools keep your construction project on track, tackling moisture-related challenges by effectively removing sludgy, dirty water from outdoor and indoor job sites.

There is a diversity in our line of dewatering equipment. The specific piece of equipment you need depends on your specific jobsite and the amount of water that you are dealing with.

In this blog, we want to help you select the correct trash pump or dehumidifier for your situation. Let’s explore the most high-performance water-eliminating options that we have in our fleet, allowing you to choose the perfect solution for your exact needs.

Chicago Pneumatic Submersible Trash Pumps

Every jobsite should have a simple solution to dewatering regardless of the condition of the site or the condition of the water. The Chicago Pneumatic Submersible Trash Pumps is a reliable and sophisticated machine that removes water from mines, excavations, manholes, ditches, and trenches.

Featuring a robust design with reinforced material and double seals to protect against mud and water, these machines have the capability of being submerged in large bodies of water without interfering with the intuitive electrical operating system of the equipment. This guarantees reliable extraction of all standing water and up to 1 inch diameter debris that may be in said standing water.

Chicago Pneumatic Submersible Trash Pumps provide unmatched performance in a lightweight body for easy transportation. Here at Lincoln Contractors Supply, we have various models available, each featuring an impressive flow rate. These include:

  • CP-CPWED04N – Max. flow of 58.1 GMP, accommodating solids of 0.3” in diameter
  • CP-CPWED08N – Max. flow of 59.4 GMP, accommodating solids of 0.18” in diameter
  • CP-CPWES04N – Max. flow of 58.1 GMP, accommodating solids of 1” in diameter
  • CP-CPWES08N – Max. flow of 76.8 GMP, accommodating solids of 1” in diameter

Wacker Neuson PT2A/PT3A Trash Pumps

Tight project timelines do not always leave your team with the ability to tackle small maintenance needs or the complicated equipment that removes standing water. At Lincoln Contractors Supply, we guarantee simple setup, minimal maintenance, and a more productive jobsite with the Wacker Neuson PT2A and PT3A Trash Pumps.

Our Wacker Neuson Trash Pumps are equipped with a powerful and reliable Honda engine for optimal operational efficiency. Their surface-hardened ductile iron impellers and carbon-ceramic seals keep the engine secure from water, ensuring the least maintenance of any trash pump we have in our rental fleet. The compact design, central lifting eye, and wheel set make for an efficient piece of equipment that is easy to move to where you need it for the big water removal tasks.

Also containing self-priming centrifugal pumps with a pump pressure of over 40 PSI, the Wacker Neuson PT2A and PT3A Trash Pumps are ideal for cleaning sludgy, dirty, and grime-infested water, making your dewatering project extremely easy.

As mentioned, we carry two models of Wacker Neuson Trash Pumps. Here is more technical information about these two options available at Lincoln Contractors Supply:

  • PT2A – Max. flow of 165 GMP, accommodating solids of 1” in diameter
  • PT3A – Max. flow of 347 GMP, accommodating solids of 1.5” in diameter

Phoenix Restoration Equipment Dehumidifiers

Trash pumps may be the ideal solution for tackling excess water in construction projects, but what about handling humidity?

Lincoln Contractors Supply has this covered as well thanks to our Phoenix Restoration Equipment Dehumidifiers!

These dehumidifiers are ergonomically designed to maintain peak productivity, creating an optimal environment that reduces mold and mildew while eliminating moisture-related damage. With a user-friendly design, Phoenix Dehumidifiers have both compact sizes to maneuver into tight spaces vertically or horizontally and graphical control panels for operational simplicity.

You can take advantage of the built-in Bluetooth technology allowing for wireless monitoring of psychrometric data from any location. This allows for optimizing moisture reduction as your environment thaws this spring. Our fleet of Phoenix Dehumidifiers includes:

  • DryMax XL – Covering 125 pints per day with 7.7 amps
  • 250 MAX – Covering 145 pints per day with 8.2 amps

Phoenix Guardian R HEPA System

Speaking of drawing foreign particles out of the air, your jobsite needs fully purified air. This is now possible when you rent the Phoenix Guardian R HEPA Air Scrubber System from Lincoln Contractors Supply!

Weighing a mere 33 pounds, this portable air scrubber system can cleanse 7,500 cubic feet in just one hour. Built with a 15 amp breaker that runs at 500 CFM, this unit is a powerful piece of equipment to say the least.

When you need to purify the air on your jobsite, only a true HEPA filtration system will do. For a compact, energy-efficient solution, the Phoenix Guardian R HEPA Air Scrubber System sets the standard.

Maintain a Dry Jobsite This Spring!

The high-efficiency trash pumps and dehumidifiers available for rent at Lincoln Contractors Supply are sure to remedy excessive moisture and standing water! Our rental fleet has countless models and brands to perfectly suit your jobsite requirements. Whether it is standing water or humidity, you can remove it all easily.

We have a 24/7 service crew ready to answer any questions you have as well as transport our rental equipment directly to your jobsite at your convenience. Reserve your trash pump or dehumidifier today!

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