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Product Showcase: Husqvarna Walk-Behind and Ride-On Trowels

Labor-intensive concrete work takes more time, exhausts your workers, and is now a thing of the past. Today, contractors can take hold of powerful equipment that increases efficiency thanks to the latest advancements in power trowel technology. Husqvarna Walk-Behind and Ride-On Trowels are at your disposal at Lincoln Contractors Supply!

Making your concrete work and the results flawless is not just about skill; it is now about having the right tools for the job. As a premium supplier of such tools, Lincoln Contractors Supply is home to the most elite range of both walk-behind and ride-on trowels. These high-efficiency machines are known for their design, maximizing productivity while minimizing downtime on jobsites both big and small!

Time is money in the construction world, and Husqvarna power trowels turn every concrete project into a powerhouse of precision, quality, and efficiency. Today, our team wants to help you explore all the great options of both Husqvarna Walk-Behind and Ride-On Trowels that are at your disposal at Lincoln Contractors Supply.

Husqvarna Walk-Behind Trowels: Precision in Your Hands

As concrete finish work goes, precision is key!

Designed with maximum maneuverability and control as their foundation, Husqvarna Walk-Behind trowels feature Husqvarna’s patented dynamically balanced system. This gives operators precise handling capabilities and stability at every speed. Whether you are using low speeds for floating or high speeds for burnishing, machine operation is absolutely effortless, reducing operator fatigue to maximize productivity.

These walk-behind trowels from Husqvarna also have an adjustable blade pitch of up to 30°, allowing you to customize the depth and angle of the trowel’s blades for optimal performance and versatility across a wide variety of tasks.

One of the top advantages in worker comfort with Husqvarna Walk-Behind Trowels is their ergonomic design. This also puts operator safety as a priority. Depending on the model you choose, your walk-behind trowel is equipped with either a QUICKSTOP mechanism or a gyroscopic stop, both of which halt all movement to keep the machine under your control and bring safety to the operator.

The Husqvarna Walk-Behind Trowel lineup includes a variety of models perfect for every scale of project – all now available at Lincoln Contractors Supply:

CT 48 and CT 36 – The CT 48 has a Honda petrol fueled engine with 7.9 hp and a 11.7 hp option and 48-inch troweling diameter while the CT 36 has Honda petrol-fueled engine with a 4.8 hp and a 7.9 with a 36-inch diameter, making them perfect for medium-sized jobsites. 

Boasting advanced safety features, these machines are equipped with a gyroscopic sensor and gearbox break that quickly halts the engine to handle motion with only a 3 ⁄ 4 blade turn or less. 

All Husqvarna walk-behind trowels are offered in three handle styles: Twist Pitch, Adjustable Twist Pitch and Pro Shift.

BG 245 – The BG 245 is the ideal machine for performing smooth and consistent edging. Designed with a 35 hp Honda engine, the BG 245 handles corners and confined spaces with maximum efficiency. 

This model features a QUICKSTOP clutch that disengages the drivetrain from the powertrain in the unlikely event operators lose control. 

Husqvarna Ride-On Trowels: Efficiency Redefined

Whether you are finishing large commercial floors or outdoor projects, Husqvarna Ride-On Trowels offer advanced precision to allow you to work smarter and not harder. These machines are engineered to cover expansive concrete surfaces quickly and accurately, thanks to their wide working widths and high-performance engines.

With a balanced power-to-weight ratio for optimum maneuverability and variable clutch that ensures the right torque at the right speed, these ride-on trowels deliver consistent results while minimizing downtime and maintenance requirements. Their onboard diagnostics also identify maintenance issues before they become a problem — A feature you should not go without!

Additionally, these ride-on trowels keep your worker’s physical health in mind with their ergonomic seating and adjustable controls. Operators can now work comfortably for extended periods without a problem. Husqvarna Ride-On Trowels also contain advanced safety features like blade guards and emergency stop buttons to further minimize jobsite risks. 

Ride-on trowels from Husqvarna are available for rent at Lincoln Contractors Supply. We have four models to guarantee you have the necessary power and torque you need to tackle the rigors of every large-scale concrete project:

CRT 36 – Husqvarna CRT 36 is a versatile ride-on trowel perfect for those who have smaller finishing projects. This 6-foot power trowel allows for high quality results with 22.9 hp Honda Engine with on jobsites ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 square feet.

CRT 48 – This model is for areas ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 square feet. Husqvarna’s 8 foot  CRT 48 delivers maximum productivity with up to 57 hp. With an easy-to-operate steering system and 2-lever ergonomic controls, this machine offers superior operator comfort and enhanced productivity. While also offering versatility, the CRT 48 is offered in a dual-fuel 33 hp Kubota engine.

CRT 48 PS – The CRT 48 PS is distinguished by its enhanced maneuverability and fatigue-free operation due thanks to high-end power steering, an electro-hydraulic joystick, and perfectly balanced power-to-weight ratio. Ideal for jobsites of 10,000 to 25,000 square feet, the CRT 48 PS ride-on trowel uses a Vanguard 37 hp and Kubota 57 hp options.

CRT 60X – Finally, the CRT 60X boasts the most powerful hydraulic drive system in the entire Husqvarna Power Trowel lineup! Having been optimized for panning and high friction applications, this machine uses an impressive 74 hp Kohler Diesel engine to tackle 20,000 to 50,000 square feet with ease. It also contains Husqvarna’s patented computer controller that adjusts the hydraulic load and speed simultaneously.

Quality Concrete Work with Husqvarna Power Trowels from Lincoln Contractors Supply

Whether you are finishing a residential driveway or the concrete surfaces at a much larger property, Husqvarna’s range of both walk-behind and ride-on trowels guarantees quality work, higher productivity, and that your team has the right tools for the job!

Lincoln Contractors Supply proudly partners with Husqvarna to provide these power trowels at all of our locations in Wisconsin. We strive to make it easy and cost-effective for construction companies and more to maximize the quality and success of their concrete work.

With a 24/7 service crew at your disposal as well as convenient pick-up and drop off services, you can see why our customers trust us with their equipment purchase or rental.

Get your Husqvarna Power Trowel today right here at Lincoln Contractors Supply!

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