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Keeping Sustainability in Mind with Eco-Friendly Tools

Sustainability and premium quality construction tools now are something that every jobsite can have thanks to the eco-friendly equipment available for rent and for purchase at Lincoln Contractors Supply!

The construction industry may pave the way for a better future, but it also leaves a significant and undeniable impact on the environment, contributing to around 40% of global carbon dioxide emissions. As we build the infrastructure of tomorrow, it is crucial to our team that we also work to minimize that carbon footprint so we can build a better tomorrow in other ways as well.

Sustainability is no longer simply a buzzword for construction companies. It has become a necessity, and as your trusted construction equipment rental company, we have made it our priority to provide state-of-the-art, eco-friendly equipment that meets the highest standards of performance and reliability.

From battery-powered tools like the Milwaukee Tool MX Fuel lineup to the ANA Energy Boss 25-15 Hybrid Generator, Lincoln Contractors Supply has the equipment to help you reduce harmful waste and lower energy consumption all while reducing operating costs. This creates the ideal blend of sustainable practices and project profitability! 

In this month’s blog, we will explore some of the most eco-friendly equipment we have available for rent and for purchase.

Battery-Powered Equipment

When it comes to highly efficient and reliable tools, battery power is the way to go. The Milwaukee Tool MX Fuel lineup is transforming construction work with their high-quality battery-powered construction tools!

Equipped with high-capacity REDLITHIUM batteries, these powerful and environmentally friendly tools deliver the same performance as gas-powered equipment without the harmful emissions and excessive noise.

This lineup includes essential construction equipment such as walk-behind trowels, cut-off saws, plate compactors, concrete vibrators, handheld core drills, tower lights, and more. This range makes the Milwaukee Tool MX Fuel lineup versatile enough to meet the demands of any job site. Not only does their zero-emission operation significantly reduce the carbon footprint of construction projects, but they are also a smart investment for every contractor seeking long-term cost savings through lower operating and maintenance costs.

Electric-Powered Machinery

Electric-powered equipment provides a cleaner, quieter, and far more efficient alternative to fuel-powered machinery. At the forefront of this revolution are the TORO UltraBuggy E2500 and eDingo 500, which offer superior performance while reducing environmental impact.

The UltraBuggy E2500 is designed for easy material transport across job sites, boasting zero emissions and reduced noise, making it perfect for indoor and urban projects. Meanwhile, the eDingo 500 Electric Mini Skid Steer provides versatile performance with the ability to tackle a wide range of tasks, from excavation to landscaping, all with the added benefits of electric power!

While contributing to a greener construction project, these electric machines also enhance jobsite productivity and profitability by eliminating fuel costs. When you need innovative and sustainable equipment, TORO is certainly the way to go.

Alternative Fuel Solutions

Contributing to a greener construction site means switching out those diesel-powered engines, where the harmful emissions are often astronomical. The EcoPower CIPR-15Z uses alternative fuel solutions to provide power to your jobsite, allowing you and your team to greatly reduce generating those types of emissions.

Relying on natural gas and propane, the EcoPower CIPR-15Z is a hybrid generator that cuts CO2 output by 30%, carbon monoxide by 90%, and nitrogen dioxide by 95%. This is a tremendous improvement compared to traditional diesel generators! Setting a new standard in alternative fuel equipment, the EcoPower CIPR-15Z is a true powerhouse of efficiency and robust jobsite performance, also designed for portability and ease of use.

Hybrid Power Systems

Hybrid power systems are really revolutionizing the construction industry as well, offering a balanced blend of traditional and renewable energy sources that reduce carbon footprints as well as operational costs. This allows construction managers to focus on getting the job done efficiently without compromising on performance while achieving any sustainability goals your team has. 

One such piece of equipment available at Lincoln Contractors Supply is the ANA Energy Boss 25-15. This hybrid energy system seamlessly integrates traditional fuel-based generators with modern hybrid technology, reducing fuel consumption, emissions, and your overall jobsite operating costs. As an ideal choice for eco-friendly construction, the ANA Energy Boss 25-15 delivers maximum power with a 15 Kwh battery at a 3kW average load for reliable performance.

In addition to providing hybrid power solutions, let’s not forget the HLS-230 from Hybrid Light Solutions! As hybrid power goes, this lighting system soars above the rest, delivering energy-efficient illumination through the use of solar panels, lithium-ion batteries, and diesel fuel as needed. Equipped with ultra-bright LED lights and automated GPS control, the HLS-230 guarantees reliable power for uninterrupted lighting at all times!

Your Partner in Eco-Friendly Construction Solutions – Lincoln Contractors Supply

Working in construction and focusing on environmental sustainability does not have to be a challenge. With the innovative eco-friendly tools and equipment available at Lincoln Contractors Supply, you can focus on providing the most quality work on your jobsite while the responsibility of being eco-friendly is handled for you.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability and both jobsite efficiency and quality ensures that you have access to the most trusted eco-friendly tools and equipment currently in the construction industry. Whether you need the latest hybrid power technology or robust electric machinery, we have got you covered!

If any of the equipment discussed in this blog piqued your interest, reach out to our team of experts at Lincoln Contractors Supply. We are here to help you select the right equipment for your jobsite. Likewise, we have a 24/7 service team ready to provide support every step of the way. 

Let’s build a more sustainable future together, one construction project at a time!

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