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Types of Temporary Heaters Available at Lincoln Contractors Supply

Construction projects go on year-round here in Wisconsin, despite any particular changes in weather. With deadlines approaching and work needing to move forward, you need an innovative solution to keep your winter construction site warm enough for peak productive efficiency. With the temporary heaters available at Lincoln Contractors Supply, you can do just that!

Keeping your jobsite at a habitable temperature is key to continued worker productivity and getting jobs completed on time. At Lincoln Contractors Supply, we know that the continued progress of your construction project is of utmost importance,  we have various types of temporary heating equipment solutions to fit every job site need, from indirect heaters and direct heaters to electric and hydronic heaters.

Today, we want to explore each of the types of temporary heaters we have in our inventory and the advantages of each to help you more easily decide:

Indirect Heaters

Indirect heaters are a common solution for many construction heating needs. They begin by drawing in cold air from the environment, passing the air across the heat exchanger where the flame and the air are kept separate. Then, the heating equipment circulates the warmed air throughout your job site.

By keeping the circulating air separate from the flame, hazardous byproducts such as carbon monoxide, unburned fuels, and other materials are not released into the job site, ensuring a healthier working environment for your employees while avoiding moisture-related issues. This separation makes indirect heating a popular choice for many construction sites that are in more confined areas.

Due to the popularity and safety benefits of indirect heaters, Lincoln Contractors Supply has a range from 100,000 BTUs to 2,000,000 BTUs to fit every jobsite and winter heating needs.

Direct Heaters

When the weather gets cold and unbearable and you need heat quickly to keep your construction project going, direct heating equipment is a viable solution! Direct heaters rely on burning fuel, typically propane or natural gas, and emit a flame that produces a significant amount of heat quickly. Unlike indirect heaters, this heating element does not have a combustion chamber, so the warm air is spread directly into the job site for quick and efficient warming.

This also means that byproducts do enter the immediate environment around the unit, so it is important to only use them in open or well-ventilated areas or open-air job sites to protect your workforce from exposure to those elements. At Lincoln Contractors Supply, we have 4 different models of direct heating equipment for when you require a quick solution to the Wisconsin winter environment.

Electric Heaters

Electric heating equipment is an energy-efficient way to keep you, your workers, and your job site warm this coming winter. Unlike direct and indirect heating elements, electrical warming equipment uses electricity to convert energy directly into heat. This means there are no byproducts of hazardous materials or any fuel needed to supply the unit.

Most notably, electrical heating elements are an essential provision for any job site that is in an extremely confined space, a smaller facility, or a job site that is indoors but without any heat.

Due to their compact size that comes in 4 different models, Lincoln Construction Supply provides temporary heaters that are easy to maneuver and even easier to transport to your job site by our team. However, keep in mind that electrical construction site heaters do not warm as large of an area as direct and indirect job site heaters. Yet they are ideal for any enclosed spaces where painting, mortaring, or plastering is taking place.

Hydronic Heaters

Here in Wisconsin, where temperatures can drop below zero for multiple days on end, hydronic heating equipment can be the best temporary winter construction site heater you need to stay on track. Hydronic heaters use propylene glycol instead of fuel or electricity to transport heat. The liquid is warmed in a central and pumped through hoses to a radiator. This radiator then distributes heat to the surrounding environment.

The key advantage of this system is its ability to provide consistent and uniform warmth across a large area, ensuring that materials such as concrete cure evenly and that workers can perform to the best of their ability regardless of the cold. Lincoln Contractors Supply uses a closed-loop design to minimize the emission of harmful fumes and create a safe working environment with increased air quality for every employee. In addition, we have a variety of options to design a plan that fits your needs.

The Ultimate in Temporary Heating Equipment from Lincoln Contractors Supply

Ensure your job site is the perfect temperature for peak operational efficiency with the temporary winter heating equipment from those who are natives to Wisconsin winters—Lincoln Contractors Supply. 

Whether you need an indirect heating solution, direct heating, electrical system, or hydronic heater, we have all your temporary winter construction heating solutions right here in Wisconsin! With over 800 quality heating units putting out an impressive 400+ million BTUs of heat, every size job site will undoubtedly find their ideal system at Lincoln Contractors Supply.

With the threat of winter cold right around the corner, there is no time to waste. Book your temporary heating equipment by calling our Climate Control Product Specialists Brady Sonnenberg at 920-381-8040 or Jason Gailey at 414-607-2703 today. Not only will we direct you to the perfect temporary heating solution for your construction site, but one of our 12 dedicated and professional field technicians will also schedule delivery, setup, and around-the-clock service.

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