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The ANA Energy Boss 25-15: The Key to Efficient Power on a Jobsite

A jobsite of any kind needs power without question. There are numerous tools that require energy to run, and those tools keep the project on schedule from day one. General contractors cannot afford to have their project delayed in any way, and we at Lincoln Contractors Supply want to be the ones that ensure maximum productivity while being mindful of efficiency.

To us, nothing says efficiency quite like a hybrid energy unit that puts out an unbelievable amount of power for all your construction needs. The ANA Energy Boss 25-15 is the ideal solution for every construction job!

We can sing the praises of the ANA Energy Boss 25-15 in general. However, because we have a large fleet of various construction rental equipment available to all areas of Wisconsin and the surrounding areas, we also feel it vital to educate our clients on their best options.

So let’s dive into the specific benefits of the ANA Energy Boss 25-15, breaking down those categories for you to see just why this energy unit is setting the standard in all ways for your jobsite.

The Performance is Unmatched

Nowhere on this hybrid energy unit should you have to struggle with getting it to run. We believe that power should be instant, reliable, and easy to provide your jobsite. On the ANA Energy Boss 25-15 available here at Lincoln Contractors Supply, you have a 10” touchscreen control panel that helps with ease of operation.

This control panel keeps you informed about what your ANA Energy Boss 25-15 hybrid energy unit is doing, highlighting the multiple voltage output options found on its side that you use. These range from single to three-phase options at various voltage levels.

Being a hybrid energy unit, the sound attenuation factor is a real selling point for those working on any given jobsite. This specific unit has a trademarked QuieTech™ Sound Attenuation system that keeps things as quiet as possible, minimizing distraction and danger to worker’s hearing. This is accomplished by diffusing the running sound so it is not all contained in one area.

And making this device run as simply as possible is paired with safety. We are impressed with the ability for you to shut it off in an emergency, having direct access to an emergency stop button to shut things down without hesitation.

Maintenance Made Simple 

Moving on to the maintenance that the ANA Energy Boss 25-15 requires, we at Lincoln Contractors Supply reassure our clients that this energy unit is one of the easiest for our maintenance team to keep up! Because we handle the maintenance of the construction rental equipment we provide, you can rest assured that you will always be up and running with your Energy Boss!

Easy access to the areas of this energy unit that require maintenance is what makes it so simple. On the outside, the ANA Energy Boss 25-15 has lift-off door hinges and removable trailer fenders to keep things clean and free of any jobsite contamination that would otherwise degrade the equipment.

Because the ANA Energy Bossy 25-15 has 110% fluids containment, and external fuel tank connections, it pays to have the fuel and contaminant drains that allow us to easily and safely drain any fluids that need to be replaced. Lincoln Contractors Supply services your ANA Energy Boss 25-15 on site, and we move fast by leveraging all of these conveniences it affords us. 

The ANA Energy Boss 25-15 is Built to Last 

Construction jobsites, especially here in Wisconsin, are dusty, dirty, rugged, and often unforgiving. Knowing that for years, the trusted source of energy on a jobsite has been gas-powered generators, we at Lincoln Contractors Supply know that a hybrid option appears to be “out of the ordinary” for some.

However, in addition to the high-level performance power of the ANA Energy Boss 25-15, its construction is more than strong enough for the trials of a jobsite!

The body of this energy unit is a powder coated steel enclosure, meaning it will not struggle with the tribulations of Wisconsin weather. All of the hardware is stainless steel as well, built to be a reliable hybrid energy unit impervious to humidity, cold, direct sunlight, rain, and more.

The access doors to your voltage output panel and other integral components are lockable, equipped with automotive door seals to further the unit’s security from the outside world and the elements. All of these strong physical features come together on a sturdy, easy-to-transport steel trailer.

Your Trusted Construction Rental Equipment Company – Lincoln Contractors Supply

To get your ANA Energy Boss 25-15 hybrid energy unit for your jobsite and to schedule one of them out, we at Lincoln Contractors Supply have product specialists ready to work directly with you and your needs! Upon renting one of these high-performance hybrid energy units, our team will walk you through the finer points of running your ANA Energy Boss 25-15 hybrid energy unit, schedule a convenient drop off time, and be ready to pick it up for you when your project is complete.

Our fleet of Energy Boss 25-15 hybrid energy units are ready for booking and extremely efficient! Be sure to discover more via our informative brochure or contact us directly here.

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