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Winter Construction in Wisconsin – The Essential Role of Ground Thaw Equipment

The holidays are now in our rearview mirror, which means your construction projects need to get back on track. However, this can be a difficult endeavor as January’s winter chill sets in across Wisconsin.

The plummeting temperatures and any accumulation of snow turns the ground you work on into an unyielding block of ice, impeding construction progress and threatening project timelines. So, how do you combat these negative temperatures to keep your jobsite at peak productivity?

With the high-efficiency ground thaw equipment provided by Lincoln Contractors Supply, meeting deadlines, working efficiently, and increasing productivity are all within your grasp!

We know frozen soil is a huge hindrance to your winter construction project. That is why we offer a range of rental ground thaw equipment featuring up to 1.2 million BTUs delivering controlled heat deep into the frozen soil.

The benefits of ground thaw equipment are vast, so today we will dive deep into how the ground thaw equipment available for rent here at Lincoln Contractors Supply allows construction activities like digging, trenching, and concrete pouring to continue uninterrupted through the winter.

What Defines Ground Thaw Equipment?

Ground thawing is the process of heating frozen winter soil up to put it in a workable condition for the various construction processes involved in property development. Ground thaw equipment in specific involves laying out hoses over the ground that then pass heated propylene glycol across the area. Insulated concrete blankets are layered over the hoses to trap the heat, ensuring it penetrates into the ground instead of being released uselessly into the air.

When the weather gets cold, thawing the soil is a crucial step in winter construction. Yet believe it or not, renting quality ground thaw equipment is more than just about keeping your construction project on track. There are other benefits that most do not initially consider but must be highlighted here.

The Importance of Ground Thaw Equipment Usage

In the heart of Wisconsin during winter, freezing temperatures can affect the ground several feet deep, creating a barrier that is virtually impenetrable to conventional construction tools. When soil becomes ice cold and hard as a cinder block, ground thaw equipment is the game changer and in some ways, the only way that you can keep your construction project moving forward.

Here are some of the notable benefits to our fleet of ground thaw equipment here at Lincoln Contractors Supply:

Maintain Project Timelines – Winter conditions like snow and freezing temperatures can cause significant delays when it comes to construction. When the ground is frozen, it impedes digging, excavation, and installation, all of which delay project timelines. The only solution is to warm the soil quickly to a workable condition, which is exactly the purpose of ground thaw equipment.

Ensuring Structural Integrity – Pouring concrete on frozen ground can lead to uneven curing and structural weaknesses dangerous to any property. But on the opposite end, thawed ground ensures a stable base for concrete work, enhancing the longevity and safety of the structure you and your crew build.

Improve Worker Safety – Frozen ground is hard and often coated in slippery ice, increasing the risk of worker accidents. Use our ground thaw equipment here at Lincoln Contractors Supply to rid those workspaces of ice, providing a safer work environment and reducing the likelihood of falling and injuries.

The Risks of Working Without Ground Thaw Equipment

We have outlined the benefits of using ground thaw equipment, but what are the risks of not using it? Opting out of efficient ground thaw equipment can mean project delays, compromised structural integrity, and jobsite injuries, but among those dangers, here are three other notable risks you should be aware of: 

Delays and Financial Losses – There is often no way to penetrate frozen ground and attempting to can damage equipment and take a substantial amount of time, increasing delays or even completely halting construction. Suffering through project delays will ultimately lead to considerable financial loss for your crew and company.

Compromised Long-Term Structural Integrity – Years after the fact, many structures face issues as a result of construction on frozen ground. Avoid any dangerous situations with long-term structural integrity by making sure concrete cures appropriately with our fleet of ground thaw equipment!

Increased Accident Risks – Hard, icy conditions significantly increase the number of slips, falls, and other on-site accidents. This can actually include other machinery losing control and severely injuring others in the process. Thawing the whole area will avoid this risk potential and thus will also prevent any costly delays in other ways.

Lincoln Contractors Supply – Your Go-To for Ground Thaw Equipment Rentals

Winter construction in Wisconsin does not have to be a daunting task or impossible when the temperatures drop. With the right ground thaw equipment, you can maintain project momentum, ensure structural integrity, and keep your workforce safe. Remember: Lincoln Contractors Supply is here to provide you with the best ground thaw equipment rental options. Let’s keep building, no matter what the weather throws at us!

Lincoln Contractors Supply offers a wide range of ground thaw equipment for rent, capable of catering to various project sizes and jobsite requirements. With decades of experience and a commitment to quality, Lincoln Contractors Supply is your trusted partner for tackling winter construction challenges in Wisconsin.

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